Shouldn’t I get a lawyer?

Maybe. In our experience and by design, the judicial process is intentionally distinct from the legal process, and does not adhere to most of the procedures in criminal or civil court. This means that the work a lawyer traditionally does is often irrelevant to the judicial process and, at times, actually harmful to a student because of the adversarial relationship it may create with the judicial office. In addition, obtaining the services of an attorney can be more than ten times the cost of using our services-with no added value, and potentially to your detriment. We believe that our services, because they relate to judicial hearings, will serve you better at a fraction of the cost.

That being said there are some types of cases for which having an attorney is necessary, because the misconduct alleged is also going to be heard in criminal or civil court. In those cases (or others when one would typically engage legal representation outside of the school setting) we can work with your attorney to help you with your campus judicial process in a way that is consistent with their legal strategy. Our staff includes former practicing attorneys who understand the criminal and civil process as well as campus judicial systems. We may even be able to refer you to attorneys in your area who have experience working with students at no additional cost.
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